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Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited is a trusted ICT partner in providing leading Document Services and Communication. Established in 1964 and known formerly as Rank Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) became part of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. (a 75:25 joint venture between FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation of Japan and Xerox Corporation of the USA) in December 2000.


Who We Are

"Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited is a trusted ICT partner specializing in document consultancy. Established in Hong Kong for over 50 years and has over 1000 employees currently. We bring innovation to products, integrated solutions and services, so companies can achieve business efficiency and sustainability.

The Fuji Xerox brand has a solid heritage. Formed through a joint venture between FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation and Xerox Limited in 1962, Fuji Xerox has more than 45,000 employees and operates in 160 countries.

Established in 1964, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) is committed to provide leading-edge ICT specializing in document management consultancy to every industry through a full range of solutions and services – from multifunction devices with comprehensive functions of copy, print, fax and scan; production printing systems; document management and workflow software; to enterprise print services, document supply chain management and business process services.

We work closely with companies to manage and improve their document-intensive business processes. Our enterprise-wide view of documents throughout its lifecycle identifies where process efficiencies and cost savings can be made. We provide solutions and services that deliver sustainable business benefits throughout the enterprise."


  • value customer satisfaction
  • value the deliverance of quality services
  • value technology to develop market leadership
  • value our employees
  • value our corporate social responsibilities"

Awards and Recognition

"As a leading ICT document management consultancy provider, our outstanding performance in our solutions, services and our dedication to sustainability and quality can be proven with the over 100 awards we have won. These awards underscore our company’s commitment to high standards in all of our processes, products and services."

Good Company Concept

"Since our inception, we have been operating under the guidance of the Good Company Concept since 1992. We believe a good company is “strong”, “kind” and “interesting”.

A “strong” company delivers consistent excellent products and services.

A “kind” company cares and contributes to local and global communities.

An “interesting” company has employees who enjoy fulfilling careers.

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) continues to balance these three qualities optimally."

What We Offer

We deliver innovative document consultancy solutions and services to a wide array of customers from small and medium enterprises to multi-national companies.



We assist businesses to work smarter and more efficiently. Our range of multifunction devices, printers and copiers reduce printing costs, streamline business processes and automate common tasks.


Office Multifunction Devices

Offer a choice of print speeds, security and network controls, storing, image management and finishing options. A great choice for offices with heavy workloads and demanding deadlines.


Production Printing Services

Realize your output potential through the use of our cutting-edge digital printers.


Production Workflow Software

Boosts productivity, reduces costs, automates tasks, unites customer databases and enables new applications.

Office Printers

Offer a wide range of laser and S-LED printers for every need on any budget.

Wide Format Printers & Copiers

Digitize complex technical drawings and manage documents effectively.


Paper & Suppliers

Bring out the best in digital printing by creating high-end print-outs.



We provide customized solutions with advanced technology, equipment and customized implementation services. Our solutions help customers increase workplace efficiency and achieve cost reduction.

Office Solutions

"Offer total office solution that streamlines and centralizes your document management process.


  • Cloud Services
  • Document Security
  • Electronic Document Management
  • IT Services
  • Manageability
  • Mobility
  • Professional Services"


Digital Workflow Services

"Boost productivity, reduces costs and enables new applications.

  • Personalized Communications
  • Transactional Printing
  • Print-On-Demand & Publishing
  • Unified Offset & Digital
  • Book Printing"


Industry Solutions

Offer a wide range of document solutions which focus on the specific business of your industry, enhancing your competitiveness and creating greener offices.



Our outsourcing services focus on the document and business processes of customers who conduct business globally. We can efficiently manage all documents processes - from production and storage to output and usage - to achieve cost reduction and higher productivity.


Enterprise Print Services 

"Make printing easy so that you can concentrate on your core operations.

  • Managed Print Services
  • Office Green Assessment"


 Document Supply Chain Management

 "Integrating document management to increase value of documents.

  • Creative Services & Customer Communication Services
  • Document Production & Publishing Services
  • ePrintsourcing
  • Mail & Distribution Services
  • Mail Room & Print Room Services"


Business Process Services

 'Streamline your business processes with fast, accurate, and secure access to information.

  • Client Account Lifecycle Services
  • Finance & Administration Services
  • Imaging & Document Management Services
  • Product Lifecycle Content Services"

What We Commit

Our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability defines our future and ensures our success.

Customer First

."To ensure our products and services always satisfy our customers, our work has always been guided by the “3R+V” Customer First Strategy.

We maintain a high-level of “Reliability” and “Responsiveness” and establish “Relationship” whilst creating “Value” for customers.

From pre-sales consultation to project implementation, the entire business execution process we run under our defined Service Pledge, with 365 days round-the-clock backup services, is focused on delivering outstanding satisfaction level that ensure our customers can accelerate their business development."


Lean Six Sigma

"We run our business with a disciplined approach – and we help our customers do the same. The Lean Six Sigma is an analytical, fact-based approach to managing projects and processes that is centered on a set of industry-recognized tools.

It is about discipline, infrastructure, and substance. It builds value and produces tangible results. Thus, we incorporate it into our work with our customers, helping you yield increased efficiency and generate desirable outcomes."


360o of SustainabilityTM

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) remains committed to providing world-class sustainability features at every step of the value chain. Our commitment stretches all the way from initial parts procurement and manufacturing, right through to customer usage and products’ eventual disposal.


Our achievements
  • Fuji Xerox has a goal of zero landfill* and is a pioneer of sustainability
  • Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing Center (FXEM) in Thailand serves as a recycling base for sales subsidiaries in six countries and regions.
  • Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) has established an over 50,000 sq. ft. Recycling Center in Tsuen Wan to facilitate the operation of the Global Recycling System in Asia-Pacific. Around 1,000 tons e-waste in average is shipped to FXEM for recycling each year."


Research and Development

"Innovation keeps us at the forefront of our industry. Fuji Xerox invested around JPY 63.4 billion in R&D in FY2013.

Research conducted in eight R&D centers includes traditional hard sciences and social sciences.
Our research is focused on image, text and data analytics, business process modeling and how work practices drive innovation to our business services offerings."

"* Fuji Xerox defines “zero landfill” as simple incineration and simple landfill that is 0.5%or less of the total weight of the waste produced.

For more information, please call Fuji Xerox Customer Support Center at (852) 2513 2513 (Hong Kong) or (853) 2855 8008 (Macau)."

Company Profile


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