Vision and mission

Vision, Mission & Shared Values


Committed to the "Good Company" concept Fuji Xerox announced in 1992, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited has adopted a similar vision across both its Hong Kong and Macau offices.

In actualizing our "Good company" commitment, we do our utmost to help stakeholders create and transform knowledge and achieve corporate sustainability.

Good Company Concept diagram


"Strong", "Interesting" and "Kind" are three pillars of our Good Company Concept. "Strong" means contribution to our customers and shareholders, "Interesting" means a workplace where employees can demonstrate their creativity and employees can have a sense of growth, "Kind" means consideration for the environment and contribution to local and global communities.


Our mission applies to all local employees and is to establish ourselves as customers' most admired and trusted-partner in knowledge and document management.

Shared Values

Empowered by the same attitude and spirit of our parent company, we adhere to 10 shared values: Customer Satisfaction, Environmental Consciousness, High Ethical Standards, Scientific Thinking, Professionalism, Team Spirit, Cultural Diversity, Trust and Consideration, Joy and Fulfillment and an Adventurous / Pioneering Spirit.

Shared Values diagram

Our shared values include "Adventurous / Pioneer Spirit", "Customer Satisfaction", "Environmental Consciousness", "High Ethical Standards", "Scientific Thinking", "Professionalism", "Team Spirit", "Cultural Diversity", "Trust and Consideration", "Joy and Fulfillment".