Transform repetitive work to complete human resource management with RPA

In the era of digital transformation, the high mobility workforce creates a significant burden to HR officers, whom must now devotes most of its power on processing high volume documents works including offer letters, clearance documents, leave applications, OT claims, appraisals, and payroll.


To demonstrate how new technologies in robotic process automation (RPA) can provide a solution for HR professionals, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) organized a seminar on October 18th at Fuji Xerox Innovation Center. HR experts Ms. Lancy Chui from ManpowerGroup, RPA specialist Mr. Simon Cheng from Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong), and Corporate Development professional Ms. Vivien Hui from Essentia Corporate Development Limited have joined to share the new working mechanisms and techniques in the HR industry.

With our deep understanding in latest HR environments and the continuous refinement of robotic systems, Fuji Xerox provides new HR solutions which can fit the ever-changing document needs in the HR industry. Thanks to the help of RPA, HR specialists can be free from repetitive document work and spend their valuable time on supporting human resource management in the company.

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