Igniting Digital Transformation in Your Business (Part I)

Igniting Digital Transformation in
Your Business (Part I)

Igniting Digital Transformation in Your Business (Part I)

Digital Transformation is a hot topic these days. It’s been mentioned over 360 times in the 1st quarter of 2018 alone according to the CB Insights earnings transcripts search engine.

But in a world of hyper-technology where terms like RPA, AI, Chatbot, and Blockchain are bandied about, what does it mean for your business going into 2019?

Back to the Basics — What is Your Digital Strategy?

MIT Sloan and Deloitte published a research article stating that, “Strategy, not technology, drives digital transformation.” [1] The premise was that digitally mature companies developed strategies with an eye on transforming business while younger companies tended to focus on individual technologies or software. Additionally, the strategies should be supported by collaborative cultures that are open to taking risk and foster innovation. It’s critical for the business leader to have a clear strategy before rushing into siloed projects.

Foundational Knowledge — Understand Digital First

In a recent McKinsey Quarterly article, “Digital Strategy: The Four Fights You Have to Win” [2], a grounding principle is making sure you have a solid understanding of how technology can improve and impact your business prior to crafting your digital strategy. In order to avoid the stereotypical “shiny object” syndrome often associated with “cool” tech, senior executives require a foundational technology “IQ”. Thus, it will ultimately enable the corporate to overcome inertia and develop digital plans that fit into your enterprise-wide digital strategy.

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