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SMART Business Solution Day 2019

Post Date: Wednesday, 17 July 2019

SMART Business Solution Day 2019

In this period of digital and business transformation, technology applications have become an important part of the strategy for business operations. The market research firm Gartner has reported that 37% of organizations have chosen to develop applications using artificial intelligence (AI),  a three-fold increase over the previous four years, proving that AI is now an indispensable tool for managing business operations

As the trusted information and communications technology (ICT) partner, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) is committed to providing market-leading document management and communication solutions for business of all sizes. On 16 July 2019, the company was hosting its annual SMART Business Solution Day 2019 where it’s exhibiting various solutions related to document processing, accounting, and printing processes for transaction documents. "Improving business efficiency is essential to sustainable development and greater profitability." Herbert Hui, Managing Director of Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong), said that company teams work hard to provide solutions that bring improved automation of business processes to customers in a variety of industries. 

ParaDM SmartShare Enterprise — A Frist in Robotic Process Automation
File sharing and archiving are the foundation of daily business operations, so ParaDM, in close cooperation with Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong), is now working together to launch "SmartShare Enterprise," the first Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) that incorporates robotic process automation (RPA) technology in Hong Kong. The system brings a new generation of automated content management to offices that can holistically handle most corporate documents, from collection and compilation to storage, sharing, and collaboration, all while complying with data security regulations. 

"SmartShare Enterprise" starts with a Fuji Xerox multi-function printer (MFP) where documents are scanned. The software provides enterprises with complete file tracking that can prompt users to submit data at regular intervals as required by the process and also provides automatic, all-in-one file upload, naming, and filing. “SmartShare Enterprise” has a dedicated smartphone app that allows users to share and edit files at any time. It also integrates with common office applications such as Exchange, Outlook, and Office365. The system has a dashboard that allows managers to review operations data to implement data-driven business decisions that meet the needs of the most demanding sectors from FSI and education industries. 

Esker on Demand: Cloud-based Accounting Processes Automation with Machine Learning
To overcome the challenges of accounting processes which consumes significant manpower and resources, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) is announcing a new partnership that will introduce the intuitive cloud-based service "Esker on Demand” to simplify document process automation. The service eliminates the need for companies to set up their own platforms and reduces IT costs. 

With "Esker on Demand" infrastructure with built-in machine learning features, companies can automatically process accounts payable documents securely and reliably in the cloud. The platform is equipped with first time recognition (FTR), which can read a scanned file’s format without needing the user to create a template, thus simplifying processing. Companies cannot afford to lose key business data. To ensure reliable and secure access to data, "Esker on Demand" has infrastructure in the U.S., France, the Netherlands, Australia and Singapore, five remote data centers that comply with ISO27001 standards. At present, the platform handles more than 1 billion transactions per year, providing world-class services with confidence. 

System Evolution for Completely Intuitive File Management
From multi-function printers commonly used in the office to professional production print systems, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) provides high-quality products for any company in the market. Fuji Xerox is now further streamlining business processes, incorporating innovativeinto existing product lines, including ApeosPort-VII and DocuCentre-VII MFPs, which can now connect to up to seven cloud services and are equipped with automatic optical character recognition (OCR). Hero features include a 10.1” color touchscreen and support for users to connect a smart device via near field communication (NFC) for printing, photocopying, scanning, and faxing. Additionally, the support tools EP-BB and RDHC allow Fuji Xerox to remotely monitor consumables and system conditions and clear faults in real time for less downtime. The newly improved Trusted Platform Module (TPM) also enhances password storage on encrypted hard drives for complete data security. 

Finally, the automation functions on the Versant™ 180 Press now perfectly integrate into Fuji Xerox’s widely acclaimed “Mahogany Variable Data Printing Solution” (MVDP). It’s a big improvement over the old Triplicate Carbonless Form (TCF) document management method. This system is an important component of an automatic digital management platform and is supplemented by mobile applications, helping to accelerate logistics efficiency in the supply chain. 


The Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) senior management committee took a group photo at the commencement of the annual SMART Business Solution Day 2019 event. The picture shows (from the left) the company's Global Services Business Director Alan Chan, Channels & Mass Market Director Lee Cheung, Managing Director Herbert Hui, Marketing Director Patrick Leung and Sales Consulting Business Director Jon Chong.
At the media interview section, Marketing Director at Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong), Patrick Leung says, Business Process Innovation is now embedded in a variety of enterprise applications, and the company is committed to providing users with convenient and easy-to-use digital transformation technology.
At SMART Business Solution Day 2019, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) demonstrated a number of cross-discipline management and communication solutions while promoting broader use of automation applications.