Why Use Genuine Supplies

Beware of Non Genuine Supplier

Counterfeit consumables products for our Fuji Xerox printers are recently found on the market. In addition, some resellers are also found providing incorrect information to mislead customers.

Incorrect information commonly found from the shop selling Non-Genuine supplier

  • No official notification of changing package or product item number from the Manufacture
  • The Fuji Xerox Scratch-and-Grab reward scheme has ended
  • Some resellers are found producing fraudulent Fuji Xerox documents to claim the consumables that they supplied were genuine
  • Some resellers are found putting low capacity toner cartridges into a counterfeit high capacity toner package

Non Genuine suppliers always lead to

  • Permanent printer failure
  • Loss of Fuji Xerox product warranty
  • Loss of money
  • Health effect of chemical element

Please pay attention

  • Fuji Xerox consumable package and product item number are rarely changed
  • Fuji Xerox Scratch-and-Grab reward scheme is a continuous game which allows users to accumulate points and redeem gifts on a yearly basis.  There’s no plan to end the game
  • Fuji Xerox doesn’t authorize shops or partners to verify product genuineness

Fuji Xerox Hong Kong Genuine Supplies Label should be shown on the packaging box of all Fuji Xerox Genuine Supplies

How to identify Fuji Xerox Genuine Supplies

Fuji Xerox Hong Kong Genuine Supplies Label

All genuine Fuji Xerox consumable products will come with an authentication label with a unique number and Scratch-and-Grab Game Code. Customers can verify the consumable authenticity by scanning the QR code on the label.

Click HERE to check the consumable authenticity 

Notice: To further protect the interest of our valuable customers, we are pleased to announce the brand new Genuine Supplies Label. Starting Oct 17, 2018, all Fuji Xerox Genuine Supplies* will come with the new Genuine Supplies Label. All Authentication Numbers and Scratch-and-Grabs Game Codes printed on the current Genuine Supplies Labels will become invalid after Oct 17, 2018. For all customers holding the current Genuine Supplies Labels, please enter the Scratch-and-Grabs Game Code on Fun Rewards to accumulate bonus points on or before Oct 16, 2018.

*No Genuine Supplies Labels are provided to the consumables for Meter Charge program

New Genuine Supplies Label 

For more information, please contact Fuji Xerox sales hotline at 2513 2646 or e-mail to

Fuji Xerox Scratch-and-Grab reward scheme

Scratch-and-Grab Game is a reward game for customers in Hong Kong and Macau. Customers can accumulate points and enjoy gift redemption by scratching the Scratch-and-Grab game code and register on Fun Rewards Corner within 30 days of purchase of Fuji Xerox genuine supplies.

Click HERE to visit Fun Rewards Corner

Please contact Fuji Xerox sales hotline 2513 2646 for more information of Scratch-and-Grab Game.

Print Sample

Genuine vs Non-Genuine_ENG

Damage caused by Non Genuine toner

201805-Damage caused by Non-Genuine toner_ENG