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Ethics & Compliance Policy Statement

Fuji Xerox stipulate basic policy for ethics and compliance. Supported by the top management's strong resolve, we have been working on enhancing this framework and related measures to ensure this basic policy is firmly reflected in the actions of each and every one of our officers and employees.

  1. Do not get involved in any action that is questionable from the ethics and compliance perspectives
  2. Admit candidly any violations, deviation from norms or errors and promptly take corrective and preventive actions
  3. Clearly define the roles, responsibilities, authorities, and the information route within the organization for ethics and compliance management
  4. Impart adequate and continuous training to all the officers and employees and carry out fair evaluation on a regular basis
  5. Carry out appropriate self-audits of all the organizations every year based on the company's management policy and guidelines
  6. Allocate adequate staff and budget to ensure that ethics and compliance-related activities are being carried out as a priority management issue