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Managing documents has never been easier. DocuWorks enables seamless integration of electronic documents created by various applications such as Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® and paper document imported from scanners. It offers an easy-to-view display of documents and also lets you edit and search documents, all from the same window. Once in DocuWorks, the electronic documents can be managed like paper on the display.

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Electronic documents can be displayed, edited and handled like papers on the computer display
DocuWorks 8 allows you to manage electronic files like handling paper documents that are lined up on a physical desk. It comprises of an electronic desk (DocuWorks Desk) and a viewer (DocuWorks Viewer) for you to view and edit documents on your computer display. 

Document Security
With DocuWorks 8's multi-level security measures, your important documents can be securely distributed both within and outside your company. Effectively limit access to sensitive information by encrypting documents with 56-bit, 128-bit and 256-bit password security.

Operation restrictions such as Prohibit document editing, Prohibit annotation editing, Prohibit Printing and Prohibit copying can be applied. In addition, electronic signatures and certificates can be used, both to verify the authenticity of documents and to indicate approvals, streamlining workflow instantly.

Easy Document Edit
With advance page-editing functions, DocuWorks 8 makes it easy to move or copy a page from one DocuWorks document to another. Users can also copy text, copy and paste part of a page as an image, change page order, and add or delete pages.

DocuWorks 8 also includes a wide array of colors, fonts and lines. Its full and rich range of annotation options and enhanced functionality makes the addition of tags, markers or stamps for electronic documents effortless.

Digital Desk
DocuWorks Desk is a platform that makes the integrated handling of electronic documents more effortless than dealing with paper. A new UI design eases operability, enables users to import, scan and manage documents from any source and handle large-sized documents (up to 2A0) easily and quickly.

PDF Handling
DocuWorks 8 is equipped with an add-on which enables the one click conversion of DocuWorks documents into PDF's. Another click and you can stack, unstack, merge or enlarge the resulting thumbnails for page-by-page browsing.

DocuWorks Document Tray Option (Optional Plug-in)
DocuWorks Document Tray Option is a optional software that uses DocuWorks to provide electronic document trays that electronically facilitate document delivery among colleagues and managers in your organization.

OCR Multi-Language Package (Optional Plug-in)
DocuWorks OCR Multi Language Package is optional software for expanding the number of languages supported by DocuWorks OCR functions. DocuWorks OCR Multi Language Package allows you to perform OCR processing at a time for all the languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai) or any ones selected from these languages.



  • Easy document management with annotation tool and built-in OCR
  • Support PDF handling and conversion

Cost efficiency

  • A link folder saves valuable storage space


  • Paperless document management encourages a greener working environment

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