colotech plus



Colotech+ Uncoated is a premium grade paper that has been highly engineered to produce excellent colour reproduction and enhancement.  Colotech+ is calendered to give a super smooth texture, which enhances colour brilliance and contrast to produce a “pin-sharp” image, as well as offering a market leading level of whiteness and brightness.  It has again raised the bar and perceived as the benchmark paper for digital colour printing and copying.


Made by internationally Xerox accredited mill, the smooth surface, high whiteness and formation control of Colotech+ ensure excellent results with both colour and black and white creative digital printing. Colotech+ also qualifies for ISO9706 (Permanent Paper) and is acid free, allowing archival storage of your documents for several hundred years.  The mill is accredited with ISO14001 (Environmental Certification) and ISO9001 (Quality Management System) ensuring an environmentally friendly, quality paper.

Weight (gsm) Size Color Sheets per Pack Pack per Box Part Number
90 A4 White 500 5 003R98837
90 A3 White 500 3 003R96147
90 SRA3 White 500 3 003R98840
100 A4 White 500 4 003R98842
100 A3 White 500 3 003R96148
100 SRA3 White 500 3 003R98845
120 A4 White 500 4 003R98847
120 A3 White 500 3 003R96149
120 SRA3 White 250 4 003R96150
160 A4 White 250 5 003R98852
160 A3 White 250 3 003R98854
160 SRA3 White 250 3 003R96151
200 A4 White 250 4 003R97967
200 A3 White 250 3 003R96152
200 SRA3 White 250 3 003R97969
220 A4 White 250 4 003R97971
220 A3 White 250 3 003R96153
220 SRA3 White 250 3 003R97973
250 A4 White 250 4 003R98975
250 A3 White 250 4 003R96154
250 SRA3 White 125 4 003R96155
280 SRA3 White 150 3 003R96157
300 SRA3 White 125 5 003R92072
350 SRA3 White 125 4 003R98625

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Council is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization, which promotes sustainably managed forests through independent third party certification.  PEFC provides an assurance mechanism to purchasers of wood and paper products that they are promoting the sustainable management of forests. PEFC is similar to FSC in relation to the end product certification, and is growing in popularity across some regions of Western Europe.  PEFC offers customers a badge of sustainability as requested by many end users, as proof of corporately responsible purchasing.
Elemental Chlorine-FREE (ECF) bleaching technique uses chlorine dioxide and 1.g. hydrogen peroxide as bleaching agents (no elemental chlorine). This reduces the required amount of bleaching chemicals. ECF paper can contain either fresh or recovered fibers.
The International Organization for Standardization established ISO 9706: 1994 for paper permanence. Specifies the requirements for permanent paper intended for documents given in terms of minimum strength measured by the alkali reserve, maximum content of easily oxidized material measured by the kappa number, maximum and minimum PH values of a cold water extract of the paper.

100% Performance Guarantee

Fuji Xerox offers a 100% Performance Guarantee for any paper or media that is featured on the Paper and Media List for a specific Fuji Xerox printer or digital press. This is your assurance that if you are unhappy with the performance of recommended Fuji Xerox paper or media, we will take back the unused product and replace it or refund your money - guaranteed.

Committed to Sustainability

Fuji Xerox has been committed to sustainability and the environment for decades. We have a responsibility to meet our customers' current needs without compromising the planet for the future. It is not only a goal - it is a value as well. It is the way we live.

Our commitment to sustainability extends throughout our entire company. As a corporation, we are focused on four areas where we believe that we can have the most impact:

  • Climate protection through energy efficiency
  • Protection of biodiversity in the world's forests
  • Preservation of clean air and water
  • Waste prevention and management

Order and Delivery

We always strive for delivering the best services to our customers – we have excellent warehouse facility and logistics systems to provide you with speedy and convenient delivery service. Delivery charge will be waived for order amount exceeding HK$500.


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