SmartWork Select

Upgrade to a smart digital workplace

Buy or rent our A3 multifunction printer with business solution package to streamline your document workflow.

SmartWork Select | Upgrade to Intelligent Workplace

Flexibility that suits your business needs

With increased globalization and business diversification, companies must adapt to rapidly changing environment and uncertainties to gain first-mover advantage. Committed to offering cutting-edge ICT solutions and services for every industry, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) presents a wide range of SmartWork Select (SWS) offerings to help customers resolve business challenges and create value effectively and efficiently. 

Purchase or lease our latest SmartWork Select enabled A3 Multifunction printers, the ApeosPort-VI (C5571/ C6671/ C7771) or  Docucentre- VI (C3370/ C3371/ C4471).  


Our “SmartWork Select” concept covers five aspects: 

Secured Information Management

Security Pack protects your data against unauthorized access or reproduction by third party by storing the encrypted and overwritten information on a smart device.

Print Management

Print Management Pack provides usage data and user analysis of the print jobs to offer a usage overview of individual user, team or department.



           Mobility Pack allows you to connect your mobile device to a Smart Device to print anywhere, anytime
           regardless of your working style. 

Document Management

Document Management Pack offers standardized and automated scanning workflow to boost efficiency and minimize manual filing errors. 

Managed IT Support

Managed IT Support Pack offers comprehensive IT support and maintenance to help maintain and improve the availability of your IT infrastructure. Apart from reliable and professional IT outsourcing services, we also help ensure a smooth IT operation and provide flexible service plans to fit your needs.

Boost your agility, capability and cost effectiveness

With SWS, you can choose what you want and enjoy ultimate flexibility that suits your business. Strengthened agility will allow you to take advantage of new technologies, and become quicker, smarter, more responsive and more competitive.