Communication and Marketing Services

Communication and Marketing Services


Transforming your business’s communication and marketing starts with creating more efficient processes to make it pay off long-term. Our communication and marketing services include a suite of services from Creative Services, ePrintSourcing (Print Procurment), Customer Communication Centre, POS Production, Digital Marketing, Local Area Marketing (i.e. Distributed Marketing) to Mobile Advertising (EASI Ad). Our end-to-end services aim to effectively help you enhance your customer experience. Great experiences that build strong relationships. 

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Customer Communication Center

Fuji Xerox Customer Communication Center (CCC) enables multichannel preview, proof, and signoff capabilities allow you to optimize every customer interaction wherever it takes place: call center, mobile phone, tablet, SMS, web, email, even print. In order to deliver high standards of customer communication services, our experts assess your current print production center for cost reductions and process improvements. Then we collaborate with you to deliver highly flexible and customized communication management services. From design and prepress to printing and distribution, we provide the skills and resources to take printing production to the next level.

Companies are continuously looking at producing more effective communications at lower cost. The response rates and customer loyalty for marketing campaigns and collaterals can be increased through the use of personalization and color. Turnaround and time to market of product documentation and technical publications can be made faster by optimizing printing and finishing. With Fuji Xerox optimized color management and expanded printing capabilities, we can help you to enhance the quality and cost-effectiveness of your documents.

Print/copy center to provide comprehensive services of a fully equipped business center.
Document Advisor provides unrivalled expertise in all aspects of print production and helps you to identify and prioritize opportunities to optimize document production and publishing.
Creative Services focuses on the management of the creative design from concept to delivery, to help you communicate in the most efficient and cost effective way.
Campaign Management tools allow you to manage customer data, execute targeted campaigns and track results.
From data cleansing, advanced analytics and visualization, data Analytics enable metrics-based approach to analyzing and improving your operations and workflow.
Fulfillment services to manage your inventory of collateral kits on demand, with effective distribution of marketing materials to your customers.

Fuji Xerox Customer Communication Center (CCC) provides a number of significant benefits for your organization:

  • Increase communication effectiveness by taking advantage of color's powerful capabilities to optimize using color, visuals, and personalization in highly effective and economical ways.
  • Improve turnaround times and time to market through optimised printing and finishing assets.
  • Streamline communications and manage wide variances in print production volume and needs utilizing the most efficient and effective print process for each document.
  • Preserve and enhance your cooperate brand value, ensuring consistent brand colors with well-integrated color management technologies.

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Fuji Xerox ePrintsourcing services offer a new way to print management, print procurement and printing production. We identify ways  your organisation can cut costs and improve productivity, then help design and implement a tailored enterprise print services for you. The result: a measurable impact on your business, including improved productivity, consistent quality - and sustainable savings year after year.

There’s a huge range of printed material that is being bought throughout your company. General marketing and point-of sale collateral, direct mail and fulfillment packs, training material, internal information packs, employee publications, business cards, envelopes, letterheads, and business forms. The list seems endless.

With so many people in your organisation buying from so many different suppliers - usually on a job-by-job basis - management and control becomes challenging and it is impossible to get the best value. There are also the hidden administration costs and the unproductive time spent in non-core activities. Not to mention the potential for errors, delays and missed deadlines. Fuji Xerox ePrintsourcing solves all these problems and more, delivering real value to your organisation.

  • Opportunity assessment to identify ways to improve efficiency and cut expenses, and provide full cost-benefit analysis for potential print management solutions.
  • Implementation and service design develops the most effective service architecture for your business needs and ensures a smooth progression through planning, design, and implementation phases.
  • Better leveraging of print speed with fully trained, experienced professionals who meticulously track your print buy and associated costs.
  • Online print outsourcing to handle your requirements and will bid on your projects online.
  • Online ordering and job tracking technology gives you the convenience of online order input and updates.

Print management with Fuji Xerox ePrintsourcing provides a number of significant benefits for your organization:

  • Cost reduction with a single, centralized outsourced service.
  • True supplier independence by selecting and managing a fit-for-purpose supplier base.
  • Advanced print technology from our supplier pool providing you with better quality, value, and service in print management.
  • Fully open book accounting with summary of all transactions and a fully auditable record of how much you are paying, to whom, and for what.
  • Quality service in all aspects of print specification and production.
  • Faster time to market eliminates errors to deliver a job done exactly right the first time.
  • Brand integrity by ensuring your marketing collateral conforms to your corporate standards.

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Seasonal Products

Fuji Xerox Seasonal Products is a specialized creative service that aims to help companies streamline the process of producing seasonal- or time-specific printed products. We offer a catalog of printed products that are professionally designed and highly customizable, including Lai Sees (Red packets), calendars, and many more, so you are guaranteed to find one that suits your company’s profile!

Our professional Communication & Marketing Services Delivery team will work with you from the start to finish, in order to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience through and through. 

Lai Sees

Lai Sees, or the “red packets”, are given out during the Chinese New Year as a blessing. According to traditional Chinese culture, these packets of good luck would ward off evil spirits and promise a year of good fortune and prosperity.

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) are excited to help customers spread the joy around by offering a wide range of Lai See designs, from the readily available auspicious styles, to personalized creative designs, so you can always find the perfect match that best represents your company’s profile. 


Calendars are everyday items for homes and offices. With our professional and highly customizable design, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) can help you add a personal touch to these printed products, making it a very suitable platform for delivering your messages and promoting your brands.

Discover Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Communication and Marketing Services

At Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong), we are committed to create top-quality print products. Thus, our Communication and Marketing Services team will support you through every step, from designing and printing, to distributing the seasonal products.

Our one-stop service approach will help you reach a wider audience through an unrivalled mix of traditional culture and new idea.

Creative Services

Fuji Xerox Creative Services help you manage the creative design of all your documents from concept to delivery. Document creation requires high levels of expertise and process management, yet it is often subject to poor control and high costs. We work with departments inside your firm and agencies outside to make sure communications are created using the correct medium in the most efficient manner - to produce effective and quality communications while maximising return on investments.

Fuji Xerox Creative Services will bring whole new levels of efficiency to the creative output of your organization. From simple flyers to glossy corporate brochures, from compelling advertisements and direct mail to effective PowerPoint and Flash presentations, posters, banners, websites and exhibition stands, whatever needs communicating and whoever needs to communicate it to internal or external target audiences, we can help you to simplify and improve the whole process from start to finish.


  • Knowledge exchange workshops to identify and prioritizse opportunities for improving document communications for internal and external audiences and establish critical benchmarks.
  • Business impact analysis to quantify the benefits of your customer communications solution using a proven metrics-based approach.
  • Architecture and blueprint to help you to develop a strategic roadmap for customer communications.
  • Communication engineering based on solid principles to create highly effective communications.
  • Production optimizsation by analyzsing and improving your production operations and workflow.
  • Creative and design consultation from art direction to concept development.
  • Campaign/project management to centralizse control of projects or a campaign, corporate brand management, and workflow automation and control.
  • Graphic design, Web / Multimedia services include logo design, illustration, digital image manipulation/retouching, desktop publishing, presentation/pitchbook production, and digital asset management.
  • Provide storefront and catalogue management of your marketing collateral and its distribution, including end-user ordering and downloading of customizsable or non-customizsable files.
  • Translation and localizsation of multi-language content across your global operations.

Document creation using Fuji Xerox Creative Services provides a number of significant benefits for your organizsation:

  • Cost reduction by streamlining document creation processes and making design costs readily accessible.
  • Reduce agency fees and simplified process by working with a single point of contact instead of multiple agencies and suppliers.
  • Reinforces your brand values by ensuring all your communications meet your corporate brand guidelines using a central repository to provide instant access to all your brand assets.
  • Central control by using a single supplier to manage and control all document creation processes and provide access to other complementary services.
  • Improved quality control of your written and visual communications, ensuring the images and messages address the exact needs of your target audiences.

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Mobile technology is more common and smarter, than ever before. Mobile advertising is not about putting up banners, and hoping the right customers sees it and clicks. It is about presenting your message to the right people at the right time in the right way.

Fuji Xerox EASI Ad, as a mobile demand-side platform (DSP), integrates our bidding engine technology with various ad exchanges to target mobile audience based on powerful business consulting analytics. It is different from traditional mobile advertising platforms.

  • It uses Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) technology to buy impression one-by-one using computer programs responding at high-frequency, while media buying only asks you to commit for a time-window on one local channel (e.g. web/app).
  • EASI Ad is “Audience Buying” – it buys across multiple channels (e.g. web/app), not only local channels but also international channels, and optimizes what works more.
  • Predictive analytics is used to evaluate the best price point for each impression and the best channel for maximized results (e.g. maximized impression or conversion).


Problems associated with traditional media buy:

  • Campaign optimization is manual.
  • Take time to respond and lead to optimization.
  • Campaign setup is very technical. Many standards and uncertain about best-performing time slots, best-performing categories.
  • Commit for one local channel. Subscribe to a certain media, launch the campaign, see the result and re-adjust the plan.
  • Cost wastage as you also pay for irrelevant users. 

EASI Ad use predictive analytics to buy smartphone and tablet ad impressions, within apps, games, and mobile websites. EASI Ad only takes 3 simple steps to create a mobile ad campaign.

What you need is to define the campaign criteria in step 1, then you have to describe your products in step 2, and finally you have to provide your ad creatives in step 3. The campaign is set and will be scheduled to run according to your requirements.


  1. Huge Inventory
    EASI Ad connects to a number of high volume ad exchanges seamlessly. You no longer need to login to multiple advertising platforms to track the performance of your campaign across multiple channels.

  2. Cross Buying
    EASI Ad is built for mobiles. You can host marketing campaigns across different device makes, languages, sizes, resolutions and also across different activities that will be done by the mobile users - browsing web, using apps, and viewing videos.

  3. Audience Buying
    Directly buy audience segments based on behavioral targeting, ensure message deliver to your relevant audiences

  4. Worldwide Reach
    Buy in any countries. Ideal for companies looking for launching cross-countries campaign.

  5. Rich Landing
    Create landing to a web, a map, a telephone or a link to an app store.

  6. Smart Channel Optimization
    EASI Ad buys impressions on real time bidding basis - buys only the needed impression - and evaluates the quality of every ad slot to see if a bid will be made and determines the best price.

Communication and Marketing Services

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