Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services


Fuji Xerox Managed Print Services leads companies through a journey, transferring their current business state to an office of the future. It aims to help companies in using their information more effectively, increase their operational efficency and productivity and improve governance. Make printing easy so that you can concentrate on your core operations.

The Office Green Assessment allows companies perform better in ESG reporting and creates an eco-friendly office.

Next Generation Managed Print Services

Next Generation Managed Print Services aims to help companies in using their information more effectively, and not only helps them print for less but also helps them print less.

In order to achieve this, Fuji Xerox provides continual improvements that extends beyond optimizing output devices based on Managed Print Services.

With Next Generation Managed Print Services, we have developed a three-stage approach that brings continuous value and provides services according to the maturity of the customer's office.

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The way people work is changing. Work is not a place anymore.

  • Dramatic Increase of mobile devices
  • Increasing demand for cloud-based solutions
  • Social networking drives content and unstructured data

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This newly launched service goes beyond managed print services and focuses on a three-stage approach.

The first stage is Assess and Optimise where Fuji Xerox experts’ uses best-in-class tools and processes to assess our client’s print infrastructure and then providing an optimized print environment that helps our clients reduce their costs and supports their sustainability goals.

The second stage is Secure and Integrate, where our goal is to ensure integration with client’s IT infrastructure in a secure and compliant way along with enabling printing from mobile devices and providing print server management solutions.

The last stage is called Automate and Simplify where we help in improving productivity by automating paper-based processes by developing smart workflows.

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  1. Reducing Costs:
    • As much as 30% reduction in print related expenses
  2. Improved Productivity:
    • Device supplies and service managed for you
  3. Security:
    • Mitigating risk with device and data protection
  4. Mobility:
    • Providing mobility to your print environment
  5. Sustainability:
    • Reduce waste and energy consumption
  6. Innovation:
    • Better service expertise beyond print

Xerox Print Services

Do you know what the total cost of printing is in your organisation? Do you have the experience and knowledge to control your print costs?

Many companies are often unaware of these business expenses. Industry research* shows that the costs of total document output can be as much as 6 percent of your total annual revenue. Through managed print services, our customers gain visibility and control of their print spending, are helping them free-up budget to focus on key projects that can improve overall business efficiency.

Xerox Print Service is a simple offering of the Managed Print Services (MPS) a solution that provides end-to-end management of your output environment, enabling control of office printing across entire organization, productively and cost effectively. We will assess your current print infrastructure, costs and business processes to offer a new office environment that aligns with your business objectives and optimizes your print environment.

Xerox Print Service is not just for large companies. We have over 15 years of experience delivering cost savings and efficiency for companies of all sizes. As a managed print services market-leader in Hong Kong, we match our expertise to your specific business needs.

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Fuji Xerox's managed print services clients are enjoying the benefits of reduced print costs, increased efficiency, enhanced security and sustainability. We can help you uncover hidden opportunities and achieve similar benefits in your organisation. We've developed a business assessment and implementation process, second to none in the industry.

Refined over 10 years we adopt a suite of analysis tools and processes to get to the heart of your print management requirements. Our approach is defined in 4 phases:

  1. Cost Management and Control
    • As much as 30% reduction in total print-related cost and support infrastructure
  2. Productivity and Availability
    • As much as 35% improvement in productivity and availability through real time monitoring and proactive support
  3. Environmental Sustainability
    • As much as 25% reduction in carbon footprint. Be sustainable by Fuji Xerox environmental friendly consumable sand energy efficient technology
  4. Security and Compliance
    • Enhancement in information security to fulfill compliance and regulatory requirement

Office Green Assessment

The Office Green Assessment is derived from ISO 14064 (Greenhouse Gases quantification and reporting) to measure and record the CO2 emissions within an office environment of an organization. It includes 4 perspectives (People, Technology, Process and Organization) based on Fuji Xerox Document Lifecycle Concept. Fuji Xerox helps enterprise achieve their sustainability objectives and offer a variety of green office solutions and technologies.

Level 3 - Office Green Assessment - overview Accordian Component  

Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting (“ESG Reporting”) has evolved over the last ten years as a de-facto requirement for a certain size and stature of company in most of the world. The trend has been driven by demand for relevant, timely and accurate information from a wide range of stakeholders from employees, investors, community, regulators and government. In Mainland China more than 700 companies now produce ESG reports, demonstrating that the trend has now clearly arrived in Asia.

In Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited “HKEx” has published a guide on Environmental, Social and Governance - “ESG” disclosure, which will start as best practice and, subject to consultation. Refer HKEx website for more details on ESG Reporting guideline.

As one of the leading sustainability practitioners, we aware that many sustainability reporting professionals are being deluged with new guidance about how to go about its job. Through Office Green Assessment (OGA), we can help listed companies to assess, achieve sustainability and strengthen ESG reporting strategies.

The assessment will focus on office sustainability strategy, print technology and current practices within the document lifecycle measured against certain sustainability guidelines and compliance levels in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated from office operation.

The assessment will be leaded by a certified ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Verifier. The verifier will perform the carbon auditing, and find out gap to compare the current state of office environment with the best practice sustainability level according to the agreed scope of work.

After the analysis, a report with benchmarking figures will be delivered along with some key findings and recommendations in operation and technological perspectives in order to help your organization to achieve the compliance and sustainability targets.

Key deliverables:

  • A carbon audit report focus on the boundary of office operation. It also provides an in depth analysis on the performance of existing printing architecture
  • Recommendation on carbon reduction initiatives
  • Recommendation of strategies and measures to achieve compliance with the plan, relating to print technology and paper usage
  • Carbon emission intensity for the boundary and scope defined
  • Demonstrate proactive response to achieve KPI and to improve ESG performance
  • Provide carbon emission information for ESG Reporting disclosure (Environmental Protection subject area)
  • Help to determine a baseline of corporate carbon emission inventory. It is a key policy decision that must be established at the onset
  • Identify opportunities to improve environmental performance relating to office environment, print fleet, practices and document processes
  • Create opportunities to receive recognition upon achieving carbon reduction target

Facility Management Services

Are you tired of all the manual and complicated administrative process every time you have to book meeting rooms, announce visitors, arranging resources and services for your meetings? Are you frustrated with the time wasted and the scheduling errors? Do you know business professionals spend 4.75 hours arranging an average 8.9 meeting a week?* According to research, 20% of booked meeting rooms are never used and £5,000 (equivalent to HKD$60,000) pa losses on each meeting room.

Fuji Xerox provides an integrated Facility Management Services from online meeting room booking system, digital signage solution, asset & facility management to onsite support management and customer care services. This integrated Facility Management Services is tailored to your business needs and combining site-based services with off-site deliveries for optimizing efficiency, enhance flow management by working process improvement. We know your core business, so we can excel in your non-core activities and let you focus on your core competency.
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We know your challenges, and this is why we are here to help.

Facility Management Services consist of 6 major components- including Meeting Room Booking System, Display Panel, Digital Signage, Customer Care Services, Facility Management and On-site Receptionist services.

Level 3 - Facility Management Services - Services Accordian Item

  1. Meeting Room Booking
    • Up to date cloud based view of room availability
    • At a glance information on attendees, meeting purpose and duration
    • Quick and easy single transaction form based input
  2. Display Panel
    • Display information including current and upcoming meeting
    • Participants would not suddenly disturbed by others during meeting
  3. Digital Signage
    • Manual check-in/check-out feature on tablet
    • Automatic release booked room if room not check-in after predefined time
    • Extend current booking time upon room available
  4. Customer Care Services
    • A complete workspace management service handling all aspects
    • Arrange resources for meeting room setup
    • Order of catering services
    • Other services for meetings and events
  5. Facility Management
    • Help organizations to keep track of assets through:Regular on-site inventory check
    • Provide facility check report
    • Helpdesk services
  6. On-site Receptionist & Catering Services
    • Manpower outsourcing service supplying office staff such as receptionist, tea lady, meeting room helper, and client service line etc.
  1. Hassle Free Process
    • Provide an integrate effective and sustainable solution to all our clients
    • Strive to achieve real cost efficiency and increase productivity
    • Safeguarding you peace of mind by ensuring everything works through our professionals
  2. Measurable Results
    • Help organizations to reduce costs and create value by making smarter connections between your people, processes, and technology, using our Lean Six Sigma methodology.
    • Service Level Agreement (SLA) and reporting (standard and analytic reports) facilitates continuous improvement.
  3. Reduced complexity
    • Users can view meeting room availability and reserve a room online, eliminating the need for specific staff members to administrate meeting room booking.
  4. Maximize utilization
    • If a user does not turn up for their meeting after a designated time the meeting room can be released again to be booked.
  5. Greater efficiency
    • Streamline business process by centralizing all administration of meeting rooms and bookings

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