iSupport – Powered by EP-BB (Electronic Partnership Broadband)

Apart from conventional onsite and phone support, Fuji Xerox's suite of online support services comprises eAdmin, eMonitor, eKnowledge and eRecovery, which deliver comprehensive support 7x24, enabling issues to be identified and resolved with greater ease and efficiency.  Most importantly, it benefits users by maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.  Through internet access, EP-BB unites customer’s devices status, maintenance and usage information to Fuji Xerox and provide end users with a smart and powerful set of tools at their fingertips.   

eAdmin* & eMonitor*

Under Fuji Xerox’s management, accurate meter readings are retrieved automatically, which eliminates productive time lost in manual checking and subsequent report submission.

For problem resolution, the remote end-to-end incident management offered by iSupport promises proactive problem resolution. Devices are monitored to ensure optimal operation, Fuji Xerox identifies potential issues and proactively troubleshoots.

Fuji Xerox automates the supplies replenishment process by alerting users when consumables reach pre-determined levels.  iSupport is connected to our customer support team, ensuring that supplies of new consumables are never far away.

Green Reporting comprises 3 key reports, namely Function Usage report, Eco report and Service report. These 3 reports are generated through the monitoring of your print usage, the environmental impact of your multifunction devices and information of your service history.


  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through-the-year online service support
  • User-friendly self-help product knowledge base with step-by-step instructions
  • Intelligent “Solution Search” feature searchable by specific models, keywords, error codes and FAQs
  • Thoughtful FAQs are designed to provide speedy and straight-to-the-point hints and tips
  • Provides latest downloadable drivers and software, most required drivers for customer operating system are recommended
  • Regularly updated with Fuji Xerox products and information


  • Cutting-edge online remote support tool initiated on the customer side to ensure security of company information
  • Our support team analyzes the operation status of customer’s machines via Internet. Customer workstations are viewed, shared and even controlled on request for faster diagnosis and resolution of technical issues 

*Selected machines only

EP-BB ensures data security

As a trusted partner to our valued customers, EP-BB service provides complete peace of mind while offering value added services.  Fuji Xerox offers a comprehensive range of security

  • Customers’ MFDs are centrally monitored by our EP center. All internet connections are protected with SSL protocol encryption technologies to safeguard your business data.
  • Only consumption data is transmitted through EP-BB, such as billing meters, fault alerts, consumable alerts and usage counters.  
  • Customer information such as  customer documents, settings and image information is not included in the communications between an EP-BB device and Fuji Xerox data center 

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Production Remote Services

Production Remote Services1 is a cutting edge service which ensures that you get maximum uptime from your Fuji Xerox Color/Mono Digital Production Systems. That’s why we have thought of everything to ensure that your Color/Mono Digital Production Systems keeps working the way you expect it to. We are going even further to ensure you enjoy perfect peace of mind with Fuji Xerox.

With Production Remote Services1, we are taking the idea of service to a whole new level. By connecting you online to Fuji Xerox using just your existing infrastructure, we can keep tabs on your Color/Mono Digital Production Systems to know what’s going on at anytime and when something needs to be done. It’s as if our whole service team is always there with you, even when they are not!

Prognostic Analysis

There’s no better way to fix a problem, than by preventing it in the first place. Using data log sent online from your Color/Mono Digital Production Systems, our engineers can provide quick and accurate prognosis of any likely problem and nip it in the bud by sending field personnel to provide the required service or maintenance. Effectively pre-empting a problem, means doing away with all the downtime that it would bring in its wake.

Security Guaranteed

The security of your business information is fully protected when you make use of any of our remote services. All communication between your Color/Mono Digital Production Systems and Fuji Xerox uses SOAP over an encrypted HTTPS (SSL) link and can only be initiated by you, never by us.

Benefits that you will enjoy:

  • Real time updates
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Constant update and improvements
  • Optimizing your performance

1 Production Remote Services for selected machines only

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