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Treat every customer like a segment of one.

Move beyond mass, generic communication with your customers and treat them as individuals to maximise their value at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Our Insurance Industry Services team supports insurance companies with the technology, processes and expertise you need to implement integrated, one-to-one multi-channel marketing campaigns that include digital media, introduce best practice and improve visibility and control. With Fuji Xerox industry solutions, we can help your business to streamline workflow and enhance customer experience through personalized communications and effective marketing services.


Fuji Xerox Global Services will help you to:

  • Create a segment of one

Personalise communications based on each customer’s unique profile and needs, delivered via the right channel for the right customer at the right time. With our 1:1 Experience marketing service offering, it’s much easier to implement new, low-cost and efficient integrated marketing campaigns.  

  • Increase longevity and loyalty

Deliver highly relevant, targeted and personalised communication to every customer, at relevant points in their customer lifecycle, that remind them why they choose to trust and rely on your brand.

  • Maximise up-sell and cross-sell 

Put in place the processes and technologies that will enable you to maximise up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to existing, inactive or dormant customers. 

  • Increase your level of customer insight

Help you gather customer intelligence that can be leveraged into smarter and faster marketing decisions.

  • Produce communications faster, at lower cost

Streamline processes, and use technology to reduce the time it takes to design, produce and execute communications, allowing you to get key messages to the market, faster.

  • Reduce labour intensive tasks 

Take the hassle out of labour intensive tasks with services that allow you to outsource or reengineer your workflow to cut down these tasks.

  • Improve visibility and control

Manage your organisation’s brand and reduce risk by taking complete control of your communications from idea to results evaluation.



Take advantage of our proven expertise in:

  • Dynamic/personalised communication
  • Multi-channel delivery
  • Campaign design and execution
  • Collateral design and production
  • Document composition
  • Survey and Forms Processing 

How to get a 40 percent lift in DM conversions


The Fuji Xerox 1:1 Experience marketing offering helped ManuLife Singapore reach out to customers with direct marketing personalised by age, gender and past purchase history. Response was via the customer’s own individual personalised website. 

A 40 percent lift in conversions, with a higher average value. 

Find out what a solution like this could do for your business. 

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