New Business Issuance


Acquire new customers faster and cheaper

Cut out unnecessary steps and automate processes to minimise the cost of issuing new policies, enhance communication with new customers and bring them onboard sooner. 

Our Insurance Industry Services team can help you put in place technology and processes to:
Approve policy applications faster and reduce new policy processing costs while managing volume fluctuations.
Communicate more effectively with customers through the right channel at the right time to bring them on board and keep them on board.



Fuji Xerox Global Services will help you to:

  • Approve and issue policies faster while lowering costs
    Cut down the time it takes to validate and process new business applications, with sophisticated application processing and pre-validation linked seamlessly to underwriting workflow. Reduce the time taken to issue new policies, lower the cost of sale, and improve your margins.
  • Improve the customer's experience of your brand
    The speed of your response to potential new customers creates a lasting impression.  Win them over with a fast and responsive onboarding process - from rapid application processing to fast policy and information pack generation.
  • Manage volume fluctuations 
    With the ability to scale up and scale down operations based on demand, you never pay for capacity you don’t need. 


Take advantage of our expertise in all aspects of 
New Business Services:

  • Application processing and pre-validation
  • Cheque processing
  • Policy and information pack generation
  • Multi-channel distribution

Document handling time cut in half

The Policy Administration Services Solution Fuji Xerox implemented for a large Thai insurer cut tome spent on document handling in half and reduced the time taken to issue new business by 33 percent. 

Find out what a solution like this could do for your business. 

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