Print Management Information Systems (MIS)

Print Management Information Systems

Automate and optimise workflows, reduce costly errors, and improve turnaround time.


Fuji Xerox’s Customer Communication Centre Solution is simple to use, developed using the latest technology to provide longevity to your business and is cost effective. Our solution will:

  • Optimise the “estimation” area.
  • Enable the efficient creation and revision of quotes and improvement in the accuracy and consistency of quotes sent out.
  • Monitor and track costs.

By enabling integration between the different departments and processes within the business, you will be able to accurately monitor and control your business costs. Our solutions help to track every step of the process, eliminating costly time delays, and ensuring all extra costs to be quoted amounts are picked up and invoiced so that you can:

  • Understand and manage printing cost.
  • Analyse the cost of the business by department, sales person and job type.


  • User friendly
  • Latest Technology - It was written using the latest technology. This renders it able to take in large volumes of data which will cater to both the current and future needs of the customer.
  • Customisable - It is also highly customisable to suit the individual requirements of print providers such as fields, tabs, screens, formulas, scripts and buttons. As a comparison, customisation of other solutions in the same class that requires 3 months to complete, will only take Dolphin MIS 1 to 2 days to do so.
  • Flexible Integration - It is flexibility in integration to other solutions which you may already be using.

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