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Color C75P Press

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Color C75P Press






The new Fuji Xerox Color C75 Press is big production power in a small footprint. It gives you the flexibility to produce the most demanding print jobs. It's simple enough for new users to walk up and operate. And it brings you increased capabilities while helping you to reduce costs at the same time.


Simple Imaging Quality Adjustment

  • SIQA helps to automate press controls for the operator so that you don't need to call out an engineer to perform machine maintenance
  • Control registration and inboard/outboard density variation - tailored for your machine
  • Ensure that your press is producing consistent, accurate and repeatable image quality through and between jobs

Multi-functional Capabilities

  • Features an integrated scanner that scans at up to 200 duplex images per minute
  • Scan to multiple locations - scan-to-PC, email, folder or USB memory (optional)
  • With the Advanced Scan Kit, you can convert the paper documents to PDF files with searchable text information or convert to Microsoft Office Formats (Word or Excel)
  • Keep your business protected from unwanted access with hard disk encryption and image overwrite features

Advanced Finishing

  • The Color C75 Press gives you all the choices you need to make a range of outstanding output
  • Flexible configurations from heavy duty booklet making to high capacity stacking
  • Combine printing, punching and collating into one easy step, using the GBC AdvancedPunch


Consistently Vibrant Image

The Color C75 Press achieves advanced image quality that satisfies even the most discerning customers with an innovative set of options - all designed to produce outstanding, accurate, repeatable quality. It is recognized for outstanding color quality with Fogra certification as well as being licensed by PANTONE® for spot color matching to the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®, PANTONE GoeTM and PANTONE PLUS®.

Our "low melt" EA (Emulsion Aggregation) Toner technology also contributes to the customer-pleasing image quality. Chemically grown, its small, consistent particles produce great quality with less toner, for smooth transitions and an offset like finish.

Heavy Weight and Special Stock

There's no doubt that heavyweight stocks make a big impression in applications ranging from business cards to brochures. With the Color C75 Press, you get the same exceptional image quality across heavyweight and lighter weight stocks so you can be confident that prints look the way you want them. And when you combine heavyweight and specialty stocks, you can produce the high-value applications that weren't previously possible.


Printing Technology

  • Functions: Four color printing, copying and scanning
  • Print/copy resolution: 2400 x 2400 dpi
  • Other Technology: 
    • Replaceable units for toners, drums, fuser, charge corotron, waste bottle, staples
    • load-while-run capability
  • Paper and Image Controls: 
    • Simplified Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA)
    • Custom paper profiles
    • Active decurler for heavyweight media
    • Advanced Registration Technology for tight image control
    • Fuji Xerox low melt EA toner

Print Performance

  • Rated speed: 
    • 76 ppm (A4 color, 64-300gsm)
    • 35 ppm (A3 color, 64-300gsm)
    • 31 ppm (SRA3 color, 64-300gsm)
  • Duty Cycle: 450,000

Integrated Scanner

  • Technology: 
    • Color scanner
    • Dual-head, single-pass
  • Speed: Up to 200 images per minute
  • Auto Document Feeder Capacity: 250 sheets
  • Media:
    • Originals up to A3
    • 38-200gsm

Paper Handling

  • Internal Trays 1-3:
    • 250 sheets
    • 64-300gsm Uncoated
    • 106-300gsm Coated
  • Bypass Tray: 
    • 250 sheets
    • 64-300gsm Uncoated
    • 106-300gsm Coated
  • Paper Types:
    • Coated and uncoated papers, bright papers, carbonless paper, DocuCard, labels, business cards, glossy brochures, window decals, durable/synthetic papers, greeting cards, polyesters and custom solutions
    • All trays run coated stock
  • Paper format/sizes: 
    • Maximum sheet size all trays: SRA3/330 x 488mm
    • Maximum print image area: 323 x 480mm
    • Maximum copy image area: 297 x 432mm
    • Minimum paper size trays 1-3: 140 x 182mm
    • Minimum paper size bypass: 100 x 148mm
    • Minimum paper size OHCF: B5/176 x 250mm
  • Paper Handling/Capacity: 
    • 1,900 sheets up to SRA3 standard via three internal trays and bypass tray
    • Maximum paper capacity: 5,900 sheets SRA3 via standard trays and two Oversized High-Capacity Feeders (optional)
    • Two-sided printing: Automatic up to 300gsm coated and uncoated (Oversized High Capacity Feeder recommended)


  • Oversized High-Capacity Feeder: 
    • 64-300gsm uncoated
    • 106-300gsm coated
    • 182 x 250mm/B5 to SRA3/330 x 488mm
    • Auto duplex up to 300gsm coated and uncoated
    • One or two Tray Module: 2,000 sheets or 4,000 sheets
  • GBC AdvancedPunch:
    • Multiple popular punch configurations available in A4 size
    • 75-220 gsm Uncoated
    • 106-220 gsm Coated
  • Finisher D4: 
    • 500-sheet top tray
    • 3,000-sheet stacker tray
    • Multi-position stapling, coated and uncoated paper, up to 50 sheets
    • Stapling, coated and uncoated, up to
    • 100 sheets
    • 200 sheet interposer for pre-printed and full bleed sheets
    • Optional folding module for tri-fold and Z-fold
  • Finisher D4 with Booklet Maker:
    • All features of Finisher D4
    • Coated/uncoated booklet bi-fold or saddle-stitched booklets
    • Up to 25 sheet (100 page booklet)
    • Optional folding module for tri-fold and Z-fold
  • SquareFold Trimmer Module:
    • Square fold up to 25 sheets
    • Face trim between 2-20mm in
    • 0.1mm increments
    • Paper weights 64-300gsm coated and uncoated
  • Finisher C2 with Booklet Maker:
    • All features of Finisher C2
    • Booklet bi-fold or saddle-stitched booklets
    • Up to 15 sheet (60 page booklet, uncoated)
  • High Capacity Stacker:
    • 500-sheet top tray
    • 102 x 142mm to SRA3
    • 5,000-sheet main tray
    • 182 x 257mm to SRA3

Print Servers

  • Options:
    • Fuji Xerox FreeFlow® Print Server
    • EX Print Server, Powered by Fiery®
    • Integrated Fiery® Color Server


  • Base printing system (with Bypass Tray fully extended and without Print Server and/or feeding/finishing devices)
  • Height: 1,372mm
  • Width: 1,714mm
  • Depth: 777mm